Esther Stocker was born in Silandro, Italy 1974, studied in Milan and Pasadena before moving to Vienna, where she now lives. Stocker has shown her minimalist, monochrome paintings and trippy 3-D installations at prestigious galleries across the globe. Her artworks based on grid structures and on the colors black, white and gray.

I’m quite interested in structures that are ordered and disordered at the same time – the idea that parts of a structure can become autonomous. In some ways the work is quite minimal and simple, but I think there’s complexity within the grid – a transformation within a repetitive structure. And I think this relates to office life: There is routine, but within that, individuality.


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Trolling Terrorists!


The advent of social media, and its penchant for bringing out the worst in everyone, can only lead to the inevitable “trolling” of terrorist organizations like ISIS. Terrorists posting their musings on Twitter only reveal them to be the same attention-seeking narcissists as is most everyone else…